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Adobe North

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San Jose, CA

1,300,000 SF project consisting of an 18-story CIP concrete tower featuring a 12-story office building, 2-story below grade parking, 6-levels above grade parking, sitework and tenant improvements. The project consists of a pedestrian bridge approximately 6,000 SF over West San Fernando, connecting the new structure to the existing campus. The garage and office façade are comprised of metal panel, curtain wall and structural glazing. The interior features a multi-story all hands assembly space, customer experience center, full electric café, and flexible workspace on the work floors. The all hands area seats 300 people with custom AV wall, theatrical lighting and features 2-story vertical decorative fins for acoustics. 60,000 SF of space is dedicated to café area which includes of a coffee bar, sushi bar, diner, south Indian bar, east Indian bar, Italian station and other multiple stations; there is also a coworking bar that provides a specialty beverage station for employees to gather. The 18th executive floor features secure spaces for executives’ safety and a customer experience center with food service, dining and special AV graphics display areas; there is also custom lighting and artwork integrated in this space. All office floors have one breakroom with wood cladded interconnecting stairs and multiple appliances to service the entire floor. Each office floor also consists of specialty spaces for employee interaction game rooms, selfie rooms, meditation, and other functions. All conference rooms feature extensive audio visual capabilities throughout. The first level includes a main lobby, Adobe experience center (museum), juice bar and a full production kitchen. A custom DXD display in the main lobby of Level 7 & Level 8, as well as the executive center on the 18th floor, provides tailored graphics. The project will receive a LEED GOLD rating.

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Adobe Systems Inc.


Completed 2022


Tenant Improvement


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