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Customer Experience Center

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San Jose

This project consists of a 33,000 SF tenant improvement to showcase products and serve as the company’s sales center. Project includes detailed coordination and design between the variety of custom audio-visual and integrated systems. Project featured a large video wall with LED floor at the arrival space, a large presentation “workshop area”, a fully-enclosed transformative theatre, LED stair riser, and a variety of interactive, touch-screen displays. In addition to the large presentation and showcase areas, custom conference rooms were built with high-end case work, programmable light, and dual-monitor presentation/video conference capabilities. Project also consisted of an exclusive VIP area featuring a lounge area, complete with a wet bar, private video conference, and a fireplace; private hotel suites complete the high-profile experience center.

Services Provided:

Architect of Record:




Mithun Design



Completed 2012


Tenant Improvement


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