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NetApp Buildings 2 & 3

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Sunnyvale, CA

This project includes the construction of two 3-story structural steel buildings with precast and glass curtain wall of approximately 280,000 SF, including associated site work, complete loading dock, full cafeteria, patio seating and fountain landscaping. 32,000 SF conversion of the first floor of an existing three story office building to a Computer Lab / Data Center housing 720 server cabinets with an average power load of 8kW/cabinet. Project included a new dedicated 12kV electrical service; overhead busbar power distribution; high efficiency transformers and rotary UPS systems; (4) new dual cell cooling towers on the building’s roof; (4) 590 ton chillers in a new dedicated chiller enclosure building; variable primary only CHW distribution; and (22) custom air handlers feeding pressurized “cold aisles” with 100% air side economizer implementation. Energy efficiency measures implemented resulted in an average PUE of 1.3.

With this project, Network Appliance was recognized for its continued environmental stewardship to improve its energy efficiency, conserve resources, and reduce waste. The company was presented with a check for roughly $1.4 million by Pacific Gas and Electric Company under PG&E's Non-Residential New Construction Program, which encourages PG&E's commercial, industrial, high-technology, and agricultural customers to implement energy-efficient building and process design and construction; at the time, this rebate was the largest new construction incentive PG&E had ever awarded.

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Network Appliance


Completed 2000


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