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Stanford Auxiliary Library 3.2

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Livermore, CA

This project includes the renovation of an additional 35,542 SF to existing the 38,000 SF library. The project includes a 23,511 SF book storage facility in three 7,737 square foot fire separated storage modules that are temperature and humidity controlled environment in mezzanines with in the modules. The module structure consists of pre-stressed precast colored and exposed aggregate concrete panel, fireproofed steel structure and in-rack pre-action fire sprinkler system. The process office expansion is 9,300 SF and consists of exposed CMU walls, curtain wall window system and clerestory glass exterior skin. Process office space also consists of temperature controlled film storage room, break room expansion, restrooms, offices and book scanning rooms. Site work includes expansion of parking lot, loop access road, landscape areas, patio, and a storm drain system to meet current C3 requirement.

Services Provided:

Architect of Record:



Design, Construction

Devcon Construction, Inc.

Stanford University


Completed 2013

Data Center


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