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Stanford Highland Hall

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Stanford, CA

This 143,713 SF student housing project consists of 101 contemporary style apartment units with 9,283 SF of basement space. The project consists of 3-story and 4-story Type V wood structures, which surround various themed courtyards and architectural components such as water features, artwork, boldly designed stairways, and an eclectic palette of feature walls. Amenities include a multi-purpose building, study areas, a well-appointed lobby lounge area, open air terraces for social and private activities, flex spaces, as well as dining/kitchen areas at each floor. There are also outdoor landscaped features within the courtyards, which include a BBQ, fireplaces, and water features.

Services Provided:

Architect of Record:




Steinberg Architects, LEGORETTA

Stanford University


Completed 2016



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