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  • Adobe North

    Adobe North San Jose, CA 1,300,000 SF project consisting of an 18-story CIP concrete tower featuring a 12-story office building, 2-story below grade parking, 6-levels above grade parking, sitework and tenant improvements. The project consists of a pedestrian bridge approximately 6,000 SF over West San Fernando, connecting the new structure to the existing campus. The garage and office façade are comprised of metal panel, curtain wall and structural glazing. The interior features a multi-story all hands assembly space, customer experience center, full electric café, and flexible workspace on the work floors. The all hands area seats 300 people with custom AV wall, theatrical lighting and features 2-story vertical decorative fins for acoustics. 60,000 SF of space is dedicated to café area which includes of a coffee bar, sushi bar, diner, south Indian bar, east Indian bar, Italian station and other multiple stations; there is also a coworking bar that provides a specialty beverage station for employees to gather. The 18th executive floor features secure spaces for executives’ safety and a customer experience center with food service, dining and special AV graphics display areas; there is also custom lighting and artwork integrated in this space. All office floors have one breakroom with wood cladded interconnecting stairs and multiple appliances to service the entire floor. Each office floor also consists of specialty spaces for employee interaction game rooms, selfie rooms, meditation, and other functions. All conference rooms feature extensive audio-visual capabilities throughout. The first level includes a main lobby, Adobe experience center (museum), juice bar and a full production kitchen. A custom DXD display in the main lobby of Level 7 & Level 8, as well as the executive center on the 18th floor, provides tailored graphics. The project will receive a LEED Gold rating. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction Gensler Adobe Systems Inc. None,opportunity%20zone%20at%20333%20W. In Progress Corporate Tenant Improvement LEED Gold Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

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  • Verizon Frisbee Campus

    Verizon Frisbee Campus San Jose, CA 623,142 SF interior tenant improvement for a new corporate campus built concurrently with the core/shell. The campus consists of a 576,892 SF 8-story office building, a 43,870 SF 2-story amenities building, and 2,380 SF single story welcome pavilion. The 8-story building includes conference rooms, open office areas, break areas and multi-purpose rooms. Specialty areas consists of a broadcast studio with dedicated server room, editing bays, audio visual “Experience” space with curved video walls and LED pulse wall, main server room equipped with hot aisle containment, CRAC units, security fencing and dedicated UPS room, 1st floor “Paseo” with game lounges, water feature, coffee bar, library, and music studio. The amenities building features a full cafeteria and kitchen with a fitness center, juice bar and health center upstairs, while the Welcome Pavilion functions as the campus entry check-in/lobby space. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction Gensler New York, Gensler San Jose Hunter Storm Properties None Completed 2021 Corporate Tenant Improvement ​ Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

  • Santana West

    Santana West San Jose, CA 13-acre commercial development in San Jose adjacent to Santana Row. Project consists of demolition to existing theaters, with construction of a 376,000 SF, 8-story concrete office building over two levels of underground parking, approximately 136,000 SF. This core and shell office space also includes curtains walls, metal panels and structural glazing. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction Studios Architecture Federal Realty Investment Trust None In Progress Corporate ​ ​ Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

  • Devcon Construction, Inc. | Careers

    CAREERS Devcon is a growing team of 350+ employees. Teamwork is one our key company values and is reflected throughout our company culture. Our employees come from all kinds of professional backgrounds and each team member contributes a different, uniquely-skilled value and/or perspective to the team. We emphasize a horizontal organization within our company structure so that employees can make important decisions and set new goals regardless of their level. Devcon is all about fairness and teamwork. That means understanding everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and needs, and knowing how to be fair but tough. At Devcon both office and field staff are equally valued because we know that our product quality depends on everyone working together. Our corporate structure tends toward fluidity, with project managers, project engineers and other team members flowing to the project for which they are best suited. That fluid structure means we don’t have as many levels or titles as some people might be used to. Our hiring philosophy is that we have an open application and no listed available positions. We take this approach because we want to emphasize the alignment of both professional and community goals with our employees. If we feel you will be a good addition to our team culture, we will create a position for you. If you are specialized in a certain area that isn't necessarily part of our professional curriculum, please apply as we love to see how we can add new value to the team. For all employment inquiries and applications, please email with your resume and portfolio if relevant. CONSTRUCTION Our construction management teams are always looking for new team members to fill the roles of Field Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Assistant, Project Manager, and Superintendent. DESIGN Our in-house design department has job opportunities for both amateur and experienced designers. We will consider applicants to fill the positions of Project Designer, Interior Designer, Draftsman, BIM Engineer, and Architect. GENERAL Our Devcon corporate team has open supporting positions in our Accounting department, our Cost Engineering department, and our IT department. Applicants from all skill-levels are encouraged to apply.

  • 335 Bryant

    335 Bryant Palo Alto, CA This project consists of a 10,000 SF 3-story wood-framed office building tenant improvement. The project includes demolition and remodel of all interior office and common space, re-roofing, cutting in new windows, new skin, and new exterior architectural features. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction The Hayes Group Watershed Partners None Completed 2009 Tenant Improvement Corporate ​ Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

  • Oakland A's Office Headquarters

    Oakland A's Office Headquarters Oakland, CA This 39,639 SF design/build interior remodel feature the addition of office spaces, a conference room, work-out room and showers. Project also consists of MEPF modification to the existing systems. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Design, Construction Devcon Construction, Inc Oakland Athletics None Completed 2017 Corporate Design-Build Interiors Oakland Athetic's Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

  • 1050 Page Mill

    1050 Page Mill Palo Alto, CA Project features the redevelopment of a 13.5 acre site at the intersection of Page Mill Road and Hansen Way in the Stanford Research Park. The new 500,000 SF project consists of four all-glass two-story Class A office buildings surrounding an open landscaped courtyard with several fountains and a dedicated underground parking garage for each building. Exterior skin includes elements such as glass fins which distinguish each different building by utilizing a specific dedicated color, flat metal panels, arching metals panels, and large balconies. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction Form4 Architecture 1050 Page Mill Properties, LLC None Completed 2019 Corporate Stanford Research Park LEED Platinum Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

  • 2800 Sand Hill

    2800 Sand Hill Menlo Park, CA Project consists of extensive renovations to the site, building shell, and interior. The interior scope consists of a 33,000 SF, 2-story interior remodel including structural renovations, replacement of all existing HVAC units, addition of a new interior stair, and new interior framing and finishes. Modifications to the existing shell include replacement of glazing systems, addition of skylights, replacement of the roof eaves with metal lattice, and addition of a 2nd floor balcony lounge. The sitework features modification of existing site utilities for added drainage, landscape and hardscape. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction Gensler Sequoia Capital None Completed 2015 Corporate Tenant Improvement ​ Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS

  • 1598 Bay Street

    1598 Bay Street San Francisco, CA This 51,000 SF project consists of a 4-story concrete residential building with 28 units over one level of subterranean parking garage. The project includes relevant site work, including excavation, grading, paving, and landscape work. Services Provided: Architect of Record: Client: News: Construction BDE Architecture Bay Street Partners LLC None Completed 2018 Residential ​ ​ Out of gallery BACK TO PROJECTS